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Calcium D - Pantothenate coated 83%
Product Profile:
STABICOAT Calcium Pantothenate coated 83% is specially coated Calcium Pantothenate. It contains 17% inert, non-toxic, water resistant and insoluble coating materials that seal the active Calcium Pantothenate particles to protect it from moisture, oxygen, sulphates, phosphates and carbonates and avoid deviation from its optimal pH range of 5 to 7 resulting in reduced overages and increased shelf-life.
Description : Yellowish coloured granular powder
Identification of Calcium Pantothenate : Complies as per IP/USP
Loss on Drying : Not more than 5%
Assay of Calcium D-Pantothenate : Not less than 90% of label claim on dry basis
In pharmaceuticals and Nutrceutical formulations like Multivitamin, Multi vitamins & multiminerals, Antioxidants, energy enhancer and acne treatment products in form of tablets, capsules, protein supplements, beverages and nutrition bar.
How To Use :
STABICOAT Calcium Pantothenate is solely meant for dry formulations only. It should not be used in wet granulation with water or with solvents like petroleum solvents, minerals and vegetable oils, coal tar solvents, long-chain alcohols, esters & ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons like chloroform, dichloro ethane, dichloro ethylene, methyl chloroform or carbon tetrachloride. . It is used as such in preparing powder blends, premixes or is added at lubrication stage in granules. It can be used as such in soft Gelatine capsules.
Stability And Storage
It is physically and chemically stable when stored in original packing in dry place at below 25 C protected from light.
5kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg & 25 kg