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vitamin e 50% powder
Product Profile:
Vitamin E Acetate is highly viscous oily liquid and hence it becomes very difficult to use it in dry formulations. Our Vitamin E 50% powder is free flowing, non sticky, fine powder, which give uniform mixing and dispersion of Vitamin E Acetate in the formulation
Description : White/off white colored free flowing powder
Solubility : Insoluble in water
Identification of Vitamin E Acetate : UV light absorption between 230 to 360nm gives, maxima at about 284 nm, a shoulder at about 278 nm, and a minimum at about 254 nm
Assay of Vitamin E Acetate % w/w : Between 90% and 110% of label claim
In pharmaceuticals and Nutrceutical formulations like Multivitamin, Multi vitamins & multiminerals, Antioxidants, Anti-ageing and Skin products in form of tablets and capsules, suspensions, protein supplements and nutrition bar.
How To Use :
STABICOAT Vitamin E50% Powder is used in dry formulations, suspensions as well as topical formulations. It is not to be wetted or wet granulated. It is used as such in preparing powder blends, premixes or is added at lubrication stage in granules. It can be used as such in premix of soft gelatine capsules.
Stability And Storage
It is physically and chemically stable when stored in original packing in dry place at below 25 C protected from light.
Vitamin E Acetate liquid, pharmaceutical grade excipients
Available as:
50% powder
5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg & 25 kg