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Product Formulation is a simple as well as a challenging task because it is always difficult to deliver what you claim. It becomes even more challenging,
When the ingredient or nutrient is unstable due to it's susceptibility to environmental factors such as light, heat, moisture, air or any other ingredient in the formulation
When the taste or smell of the ingredient is unpleasant
When the ingredient is hygroscopic to absorb moisture into formulation
When the ingredient is an reducing or oxidizing agent deteriorating other ingredients in the formulation
When the quantity of ingredient in the formulation is too small to disperse it homogeneously throughout the bulk
When release of the ingredient is to be controlled after the product intake
When the appearance of the formulation is to be exhibited in the product
We at Stabicoat Vitamins are committed to provide products resolving all of the above requirements and enabling
ease of formulation process
stable formulations and
better shelf-life of your products
With STABICOAT stabilized and coated ingredients, custom premixes; formulation becomes a pleasant process.