Vitamin B12 in Gelatine

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Product Profile:

STABICOAT® Cyanocobalamin in Gelatine is a specially processed crystalline Vitamin B12 microencapsulated with Gelatine. It is used very successfully for achieving even dispersion and stability of Cyanocobalamin in dry formulations resulting in reduced overages and increased shelf-life.


Stability of Vitamin B12 is affected by oxidising and reducing agents, ultraviolet and strong visible light etc. Decomposition product of Thiamine in presence of Niacinamide and decomposition product of Riboflavin affect the stability of Vitamin B12. Reducing substances like Ascorbic acid, Menadione sodium bisulphate, Ferrous sulphate and Aldehydes cause the most serious problems for the stability of Cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin in Gelatine offers the most reliable solution for stability of Cyanocobalamin in various formulations.


As Vitamin B12 is needed in few micrograms (5-25 mcgs) and one crystal of Vitamin B12 may contain many micrograms, it is very difficult to disperse it uniformly in dry blend as dry powder of Cyanocobalamin. Variation in number of crystals from dose to dose may cause content variation and hence specially processed Cyanocobalamin in Gelatine is recommended as a dependable solution to this difficulty.

STABICOAT® Cyanocobalamin in Gelatin is free flowing powder. It’s excellent flowability gives processing convenience and homogeneous mixing with other ingredients during the formulation.


Description: Pink coloured granular powder
Solubility: Practically insoluble in cold water and in alcohol but soluble in hot water
Identification: As per IP/USP
Loss on drying: Not more than 12%
Ash: Not more than 3.25%
Assay of Cyanocobalamin: Not less than 90% of label claim on dry basis

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