Vitamin E 50% Powder

Vitamin E 50% Powder2018-12-10T03:27:07+05:30


Product Profile:

Vitamin E Acetate is highly viscous oily liquid and hence it becomes very difficult to use it in dry formulations. Our Vitamin E 50% powder is free flowing, non sticky, fine powder, which give uniform mixing and dispersion of Vitamin E Acetate in the formulation


Description: White/off white colored free flowing powder
Solubility: Insoluble in water
Identification of Vitamin E Acetate: UV light absorption between 230 to 360nm gives, maxima at about 284 nm, a shoulder at about 278 nm, and a minimum at about 254 nm
Assay of Vitamin E Acetate % w/w: Between 90% and 110% of label claim

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