Experience & Vision


About Stabicoat Vitamins

Stabicoat Vitamins, an ISO 9001:2015 organization, founded by a group of qualified entrepreneurs in 1980 and started operation in 1983 at Ahmedabad, India; is presently led by qualified technocrats. The company pioneered manufacturing of stabilized and coated vitamins. With extensive experience of About 4 decades, the company has become the market leader for its stabilized vitamin products and has earned the repute of quality manufacturer in India. The company is committed to strengthening and widening its knowledge in stabilized and coated vitamins, minerals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

With the advent of the concept of Novel Drug Delivery System, Stabicoat Vitamins, expanded and mastered the pelletization for delayed release, sustained release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

  • Micro encapsulation

  • Pelletization

  • Coating

  • Controlled release